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Michael Moore - Derby UK



"Explore, share your journey with me too and i'm allways happy to help anyway I can :)"

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"Michael is an extraordinary young man who I've had the pleasure of sharing a platform with on a couple of occasions. Michael overcame great adversity to only set up a business which helps people overcome their barriers through music and he's also a very charitable person who loves to give back. Always bringing positive energy to the room with a big smile which builds a great atmosphere wherever he goes. Michael was also the regional finalist for the entrepreneur of the year which speaks great volumes in it self!" Efaz M Ahmed


"Michael is a hardworking, caring and passionate individual who has such a great impact on the people with whom he works. He is able to work with students from a wide range of abilities with ease and success through his excellent one to one approach. My son has been drumming with Michael for a few years now and enjoys his drumming time thoroughly as well as the social aspect of building relationships with the wider team and other students. Michael’s achievements to date spell out some great success stories for not only the business but for all the individuals he works with daily and the positive impact he has had through his great talent and commitment. Congratulations to Michael and his team on everything you do each day!" Nina Atwal



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The sole purpose of this website is to inspire young people and to provide valuable support to those wanting to start a business. I have much passion in helping others succeed and with my credibility in business I am a perfect mentor for any young person. My motivation for helping others and developing people is a key part of my success with MM Drum School®. The initial idea of starting a business can seam scary however, with the right guidence I have every confidence that you can achieve amazing success.


I offer verious support services ranging from, SEO training to personal one to one mentoring. Also, if your on Facebook join my goup, Entrepreneurs. It is a fantastic way of networking and generating leads free of charge. I am currently developing parts of the site so, not all content is available yet.


Find out more about me and connect on social medias. Explore my site, read my personal bio, discover MM Drum School®, learn about my experiences as a professional musician and much more. You will also find a motivational quotes tab which, you can save into your files and view them at any time.  

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